Lehle Sunday Driver

  • FX154
  • €129.00
    • The Lehle Sunday Driver is a high end preamp which provides two modes of operation. In "D" (Driver) mode the guitar signal will be pre-amplified without any modification. It retains its dynamics and stays strong and clear, no matter how long your guitar cables are or how many effects pedals are in the line. In "S" (Sunday) mode the input impedance will be multiplied with four. Due to the high input impedance details can be heard you've never realised before. And if you increase the gain level a characteristic warmth will be added to your tone. Even at a 15dB gain setting - the Sunday Driver always stays clean and absolutely free of background noise (studio-standard signal-to-noise ratio of over -100 dB). With its wide frequency range it can be used as a cable driver for large stages, in complex effects set-ups, as a recording preamp, or as a pre-amp to boost single-channel tube amplifiers!