Vintage Deluxe Body for Tele, 2 Tone Sunburst, B-Stock

  • BG201-B
  • €249.00
    • American Red Alder with top-quality finish. Routed for 2 Tele® style single coil pickups, with four neck mounting holes and 4 bridge mounting holes. Drilled for string mounting holes.


      • American Red Alder
      • 2-piece, center-glued
      • neck pocket dimensions in mm: 76x56x16
      • body thickness: 44,5mm (1 3/4 Zoll)


      B-Stock with string-hole drilling issue (see picture)

    In the case of finished bodies, some lacquer remains in the neck pocket due to the manufacturing process. This must be removed carefully. Please proceed as follows: secure the body onto a work bench, take a file and carefully file down the varnish parallel to the neck pocket. Important: never file back and forth! File only in the direction of the body, otherwise the varnish can chip away under the neck pocket if filed backwards.

    If there is varnish residue on the sides of the neck pocket which must also be removed for optimal fit, then proceed in the same careful manner described above.