3 Monkeys DC Cable-Kits, solderless

  • 90185
  • 79,00 €


    90185 2m Cable, 6 Plugs
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    79,00 €
    90186 3,3m Cable, 10 Plugs
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    119,00 €
    • These premium DC-cables of the American manufacturer 3 Monkeys, allow extreme space- and time-saving cabling for the assembly and wiring of your effect board. The installation of the plugs and cables is very simple, but nevertheless very solid: The plugs are screwed onto the strong cable - and that's it! The design of the connectors allows either straight or angled cable routing, just as you need it. The high cross-section of the cable core ensures an extremely low capacitance and thus signal routing without significant losses. The cable material itself is easy to bend and then retains its shape - how great ist that!