Rockinger Pre-Wired Assembly for 50s Les Paul, Long Shaft

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    • Homemade pre-wired assembly for Les Paul (50s wiring). Includes 4 CTS 500k Split Shaft Potentiometers (long shaft, thread height: 18mm, 10mm holes required, ), Switchcraft 1/4" Mono Input Jack, two 22nF Orange Drop Capacitors, Wiring Diagram.

    Standard Wiring vs. 50s Wiring
    In Standard Wiring, the tone capacitor is connected to the input lug of the volume pot (outer connector), and in 50s Wiring, it is connected to the output lug (middle connector). This difference affects the sound as follows:

    1. Volume pot on 10
    No difference. The tone control works the same for both circuits.

    2. Volume pot between 1 and 9, tone pot on 10
    No audible difference between both wirings.

    3. Volume pot between 1 and 9, tone pot between 1 and 9
    Big sound differences.  With 50s Wiring, a turned down tone pot also affects the mids, which is why the "muffled" sound becomes clearer. This also results in a difference in volume, but can be quite interesting as it also results in other "sweet spots".

    Our recommendation for practical use
    If you either don't use the tone pot at all or use it only rarely, you're best served with Standard Wiring.  If you like to experiment with different volume and tone pot settings, you may prefer 50s Wiring.