HYBRID 4-String Pickup Set

HYBRID 4-String Pickup Set
  • DE44B
  • 339,00 €
    • Pickup set contains DELANO Hybrid Bridge Pickup, DELANO Custom J-Bass-Style Neck Pickup, and DELANO 2-Band-EQ.




      The Hybrid bridge pickup combines in one single construction two legendary bass sounds.




      Part 1: J-Bass-Style


      Single coil pickup with the characteristic of an early 60`s pickup.




      Part 2: Sting-Ray-Style


      Low resistance coil with 9.5 millimeter Alnico 5 magnets. The second MM-style coil is integrated inside.




      Switching concept

      The integrated switch manager lets you get both of these classic sounds at the touch of a toggle. Passive function in J-Bass-style single-coil mode, active function with the DELANO 2- or 3-band EQ activated in Sting-Ray-Style humbucker mode.