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Rockinger Professional Guitar Kits 

Due to our high-quality components these guitar kits can easily be turned into professional electric guitars, that are absolutely competitive on the market, only at a much lower price. Generally we offer our kits in 2 different styles, each of them in  finished and unfinished versions.

Premium Guitar Kits
Contain the body, neck, the complete hardware, pickguard,  knobs, strings, the complete electric components, but no pickups. Most suitable if you have a spare set of Pickups stored somewhere. Now you can  use them on a superb brandnew guitar for a low budget.   

Premium Plus Guitar Kits
These are the versions, that also contain a set of our well-known pickups. Of course also for an unbeatable price!
We assembled the Rockinger Professional Kits in the best sense and suitable way in our opinion.  ...and you save quite an amount compared to the price the components cost if you buy them separately. For a better overview we also wrote the regular overalamount of all components to the kits - so you can  easily see right away how much you will actually save, lucky you!
Todos los precios incluyen el IVA alemán actual (19%).