Mástiles para Guitarra

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Basic Information
Our necks are either made of one-piece-maple (even if the fretboard has 22frets), or maple with a rosewood fingerboard. Each neck has an adjustable truss rod. On necks with rosewood fingerboard the truss rod was installed from the top so this necks don´t have a skunk stripe at the back. Each neck has drilled pegholes for tuning machines as well as finished frets. An unslotted  nut also is included. The nut can be slotted and trimmed for best action by our crew if you wish. For this service 39,- Euro/neck will be additionally charged. Body bolt attachment holes are generally undrilled.
In case of being offered as unfinished,  the neck can be finished in your desired method (lacquer, oil, wax, etc.). Apart from this, the neck is in “ready to play” condition.
If not quoted, measures are supposed to “Fender-standard”. For guitar-necks the width is 42mm at the nut, and 56mm at the 22th fret. For bass-necks the width is 38mm at the nut and 63,5mm at the 20th fret. The scale-length also refers to “Fender-standard” (guitar: 64,8 cm ~  25-1/2”, bass: 86,4cm ~ 34”). The fretboard radius may differ and will be quoted separately.
Extension Fingerboards
Most of the original Fender guitar necks have 21fret fingerboards. Some replacement necks feature 22 fret extension fingerboards. This necks will still fit into the standard neck pocket and requires no modification on bridge or pickup positions.
Todos los precios incluyen el IVA alemán actual (19%).