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Basic Information
Our bodies are made of american red alder or american swamp ash. Swamp ash bodies create a “twangy” sound with a lot of punch and dynamics. Alder bodies sounds more smooth, with comfortable, pearly highs, and are a little less percussive.
Unfinished Bodies
Each body is most-possibly prepared for finishing. In some cases the holes for the bridge/ tremolo-fastening-screws may still have to be drilled. Before finishing the body, some final sanding should be done. 
Instead of lacquer the bodies can also be finished with oil and wax. Due to their decorative grain, most customers prefer swamp ash bodies for this style of finish. But an oil/wax finish also looks great on alder bodies. It is your choice!
Finished Bodies
Each body is drilled for neck mounting holes and bridge/tremolo mounting holes. Our bodies for Tele are also drilled for string mounting holes. We carefully pay attention for lacquer-finishes that are very thin!
Our bodies for Strat feature a beautiful 61s vintage-contour-shaping. That means they have a wide back contour and the top contour covers more than half of the body bottom edge. Our bodies for Tele have a 50s shaping, i.e. an open channel has been routed between neck pickup and the controls cavity (purpose-built for the neck-pickup-cable). Furthermore a small truss rod access has been routed between neck-pickup-routing and neck pocket. This allows neck-adjustment in bolt-on condition. Both routings will be covered by the pickguard.
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