Duesenberg Multibender

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    • The Duesenberg-Multibender is a replacement-bridge for Strats and Teles. On a Strat® the Multibender can be installed easily without any modifications (this assumes an existing routing for tremolo and a spacing of 56mm between the two outer tremolo screws). The string-lever allows the bending of the string in two (tonal-)directions for one or two halftones. Combining this with open tunings and slide-method-playing, quite realistic Pedalsteel-sounds can be achieved. But the Multibender also works in standard tunings and playing-methods. In this case you can achieve the wellknown B- and G- Bender sounds.
      Dimensions of the baseplate: 82 x 74 x 14,5 mm. String spacing: 54 mm.
      The Multibender in it's basic version includes two levers. But it can be expanded anytime with additional levers. On these videoclips (see details), the outstanding guitarist Martin Huch(who was deeply involved in the development of the Multibender, and also is one of the guitarists playing on our legendary "Rockinger All Pickup Check CD") demonstrates the amazing possibilities of this bridge.

    During the Pedalsteel examples the string-height was raised by a "Metal Slide Extender Saddle" (our Art.-No. 00A08). Also Martin occasionally uses a third lever for some advanced voicings.
    Steel Guitar Clips
    The instrument is tuned to open E (E B E G# B E) and the levers are working as follows:
    1. string: from E to F (extralever)
    2. string: from B to C# (standardversion)
    3. string: from G# to A (standardversion)
    Clip 2 (close-up) wmv 3.3MB     Clip 2 (long shot) wmv 2.8MB
    Clip 3 (close-up) wmv 3.9MB     Clip 3 (long shot) wmv 4.1MB
    Clip 4 (close-up) wmv 4.5MB    Clip 4 (long shot) wmv 4.5MB
    Clip 5 wmv 2.2MB
    Clip 6 wmv 1.6MB
    Standard Guitar Clips
    On the examples for standard guitar the two levers work as follows:
    2. string: from B to C#
    3. string: from G to A
    Clip 7 wmv 4.4MB
    Clip 8 wmv 4.6MB
    Installing Instructions
    Installation on a Strat® style guitar: Just use the six standard tremolo screws, and install the bracket on the backside of the multibender inside the tremolorouting.
    1. Use this hole for a string, that you want to raise.
    2. Use this hole for a string, that you want to lower.
    3. Tuning screw for targetnote (lever down).
    4. Tuning screw for the basic position (lever up).
    5. If you want to lower the string, put the included return spring in-between these screwheads.
    6. Middle bridge with the guide rollers (when setting up a new string, make shure to put it UNDERNEATH the roller inside).
    7. If you want to install an additional lever, just loose these allen screws to remove the main axle