Nobels ODR-1, Natural Overdrive, 2020 Model

  • FX096
  • €119.00
    • First of all a few personal words: this analog overdrive-pedal is one of the best around, and certainly the best in its price-range. At least from my point of view (hearing) - and it can keep up with quite more expensive pedals. It's ideal for bluesy- and crunchy Rock-sounds and for that little bit extra for soloing. The character of the guitar will still be obtained.
      With the drive-control the overdrive level can be adjusted infinitely variable from nearly clean to maximum Overdrive. Further controls are Level and Spectrum (this enables warm midths from 0-5 and for more treble and bass from 5-10).

      The new 2020 model features a bass-cut-switch under the battery cover for two pre-sets: Original ODR-1 sound or reduced sub bass. Also new: 9-18V DC (for even more headroom) and Glow-In-The-Dark Knobs.