Rockinger Cream Team Pickup Set

  • 0791S
  • 117,00 €



    Numéro d'article
    Prix Bestellmenge
    0791S Black
    117,00 €
    0791Z Zebra (cream/black)
    117,00 €
    0791N Nickel Cover (German Silver)
    139,00 €
    0791G Gold Cover (German Silver)
    159,00 €
    • The Cream Team of the Rockinger Teamplayer Series contains one set of our Alnico 2 Custom humbuckers. These pickups are based on our PAF-ECT Custom but features an alnico 2 magnet and a DC resistance of 7,2kOhm (neck) and 8,6kOhm (bridge). Polepiece spacing: 49mm (neck), 50,5mm (bridge). 4 conductor. Screws, springs and wiring diagram included.

      What is the Rockinger Teamplayer Series? Some of our best selling humbucker pairs. Buy it as a set and safe!  

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