NOLL TCM 2-Band-EQ for Bass with Volume and Dual-Tone-Pot


Tone module for bass guitars with controls for volume, bass, and treble. Features a dual-pot for bass and treble (15dB of boost and cut). The electronic can be activated by a push- pull pot. This pot is wired for volume control (also works as volume control in passive mode). The EQ requires power from a single 9 Volt battery and can be combined with all active and passive pickups. With the Noll MixPot you can also combine Piezo with magnetic pickups. Due to the low impedance output of the TCM 2 you can run a cable for up to 100 feet (30 m) without losing high frequency response. Output jack and batterie clip are included. Prewired for easy installation. Control knobs for the dual pot are included. The volume pot has a solid shaft.
Article no. 07087
98,00 EUR
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