Megaswitch P


5-way switch for a set up with 2 humbuckers (PRS wiring). Black knob included. See Details-Link for wiring instructions. The body dimensions are: 48mm (lenght) x 35mm (depht) x 12mm (widht).
No.Art. 17010
17,90 EUR

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Switching Of The Megaswitch P
Position 1: neck humbucker
Position 2: the "inner" coils of both humbuckers in parallel connection
Position 3: the "inner" coils of both humbuckers in serial connection
Position 4: the "outer" coils of both humbuckers in parallel connection
Position 5: bridge humbucker

Terminal 1: ground
Terminal 2: bridge humbucker minus
Terminal 3: neck humbucker hot wire
Terminal 4: neck humbucker series link
Terminal 5: ground
Terminal 6: output to volume pot + bridge humbucker hot wire
Terminal 7: bridge humbucker series link

Neck humbucker minus and the shielding of each pickup cable has to be connected with ground.
Todos los precios incluyen el IVA alemán actual (19%).