22-Fret Necks for Strat, finished (lacquered)

  • N004R
  • €198.00


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    N004R Rosewood
    N004M Maple
    • High quality 22-fret replacement necks for Strat. Professionally high gloss finish. Available in one-piece-maple (american hardrock maple) or in maple with rosewood fingerboard. Nut included (unslotted).
    • 22 Jumbo Frets (2,7 x 1,1mm)
    • Width at nut: 42mm
    • Width at 21nd fret: 56mm
    • Pegholes: 8,5 mm diameter
    • Fretboard radius: 12 "
    • D-Shape
    • Thickness: ca.21,5mm at 1st fret, ca. 23,5mm at 12th
    • Heel-adjustable truss rod
    • Maple version with walnut "skunk" stripe on the back