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    0482C Nickel
    0482G Gold
    • 6-left, for 8, 5mm pegholes, 15:1 ratio. With oval metal knobs and LOCKHEAD locking system. Double Line "KLUSON DELUXE" stamp.  Mounting screws and press-fit peghead bushings included.

      How the Kluson Lockhead-System works: first you have to pull the string through the hole of the shaft until the string is tightly placed over the frets. If you tighten the top-cylinder counterclockwise with a coin (5 Euro-Cent) a small pin inside of the shaft tightens the string. Now you can start tuning.
      All Kluson Lockheads have a genious point: you can't screw off the cylinder of the shaft because it finally ends up in an open loop. That means the cylinder can't fall off and get lost!